project 52: week seven

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project 52: week 7 - englexas lifestyle photography project
Last night I drove 3.3 miles from the church to iHOP with my husband’s iPad (in his trusty BookBook case) on the trunk of my car. I had no idea it was there, said husband actually put it there so luckily I was without guilt on this one. But seriously, I almost passed out when I saw it sitting right there, like nothing had even happened! We were so thankful that we didn’t lose it.

It wasn’t until this morning that my husband realized that along with putting his iPad on my trunk, he also put his sweater. Not just any sweater, but his FAVORITE sweater. His $108 JCrew sweater that he got for $30 sweater. So this morning after he headed to work I packed up the kids and headed out to try and search for the sweater.

As we approached the church I slowed down so that I could search either side of the street and there it was, in a haphazard heap on the side of the road. I pulled into the nearest driveway and ran out to collect it. There were some tires tracks on it, but despite a few broken buttons (anyone know where to get replacement JCrew buttons?!) it was in good condition. In so many ways it totally looked (and felt) like I was searching for a lost puppy, and even the joy I felt whenever I saw it there tossed about on the side of the road.

I know what some of you are thinking, seriously it’s a sweater. But you know what I realized as I was answering Gracen’s 101 questions about what the heck we were doing driving to look for a sweater…this sweater is important to me, not because of how awesome of a deal it was, or how soft and snuggly it is, or even how smokin’ hot the hubby looks in it. It’s important to me because it’s important to him. As our family grows I hope that this never changes, that we always place importance on the things that are important to each other and go out of our way to actually care and make each other happy.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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