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Today marks 36 weeks pregnant for me. It’s a very important day because this means I’m officially official for my home birth. At this point the only wrench in our plan could be if I get to 42 weeks but with the way things are looking, it’s not likely!

My midwife came over today, the supplies are all set up and my birth pool will be here sometime in the next week! We seriously can’t believe it’s already here but we have been slowly but surely getting ready and the time is fast approaching…I’m really trying not to use exclamation points at the end of each sentence, but that’s how I feel!!

The expectation and excitement of our new little soul being brought into our family is just now starting to sink in. There will be another little human here soon, not just a baby but someone who will grow up and become someone. That is a HUGE deal! We are just taking one day at a time getting as much ‘prepared’ as we can but this being our third we know to expect the unexpected! Everything will work out in the end.

Here’s to a peaceful home birth ;)

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