project 52: week thirteen

family is…snuggles

project 52: week thirteen - family is...snuggles

My favorite thing about this image is that I didn’t set it up. I was literally cleaning the kitchen and walked in on them laying like this – so of course I ran (as fast as a 32 week pregnant woman can run!) and grabbed my camera. Moments like this not only melt my heart but they give hope that everything is going to be ok when our little one arrives! Gracen and Darby can just snuggle on the couch while I am spending those first few weeks nursing and changing diapers and *not* sleeping, right?! Now that would be awesome!

But in all seriousness I really want to spend these last few weeks of being a mum of just two snuggling with my babies, everything else can wait ;)

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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