project 52: week thirty nine

family is…priority

project 52: week thirty is priority

**catching up from the last few weeks**

i keep telling myself that I’m going to “do better” at this blogging thing, and keep a more consistent posting schedule but yet again I failed! I’m discovering that I do really great until something unexpected happens and then my schedule just falls apart…and there is no shortage of sickness or traveling in my life to throw me off balance, there seems to always be something!

This picture is from our weekend in Houston a couple weeks ago. We got to travel to Houston to surprise my hubbys mom with a birthday party. It was such a fun weekend getting to hang out with the whole family and also meet our new niece! One of my favorite things about Gabriels family is how close they are. Events are so special because they all get together and make them special. We always want for our children to know that family is first, we make each other a priority because they are the most important people in our life. Gabriels Granny (giving our youngest a big ole smooch) is one of my favorite people on this earth and is really the glue that holds everyone together. She is the kindest, most generous woman I’ve ever met and she has never met a stranger! The family is so close because she has made family a priority in her life and we’re all following her example.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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