project 52: week thirty one

family is…fostering creativity

family is...fostering creativity
I am absolutely loving being the mama of my 4 year-old right now. He isn’t too old to climb into my lap and snuggle. We are well past changing diapers. We can have conversations about how he’s gonna take me on a date to Disney World. He even wakes up in the morning, dresses himself and plays alone with Lego’s for a while! There was a shift in his mind a few weeks ago when were discussing Lego’s where I told him about how the wonderful thing about Lego is that you can create whatever you want with them, there are no limits. I gave him permission to not feel like he has to follow the instructions and re-create their formula but to be free. Since then this freedom has spilled into all of the toys he’s playing with and I found him setting up domino’s this morning and using cars in new ways to knock them down. I just love those moments when I see my kids doing something great that I haven’t told them to do, my heart swells with pride.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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