project 52: week thirty two

I am going to be catching up on the weeks I have missed from project 52 today and Wednesday.

family is…new

project 52: week thirty two - family englexas lifestyle photography blog
The one thing that I know about parenthood is that things are always changing and growing, things are always new. Facing new milestones, new challenges, new seasons good and bad. And I’m learning to try and make the best of each season that I face (do I sound like a broken record yet!)

This week Gracen started back at pre-K and the picture was of him turning to me and giving me a wink as he got into his classroom. That kid, I tell ya…he’s quite something! He’s so bold and strong willed but also so soft-hearted and sensitive. It’s almost like in that moment of being in a new place, an unfamiliar circumstance he turns to comfort me! To say “It’s gonna be ok mom”. In a sea of sobbing children my son decides that he’s not just ok, he’s strong enough to provide strength for me. The only crying that day came from my little girl who desperately wanted to go in there with her big brother! Ah, my painfully independent children!

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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