project 52: week three

family is…an adventure

Today we are traveling to Houston, I wasn’t able to get my ‘official’ photo up in time – but this one will have to do for the next couple of days.

We are not a ‘normal’ family – at least I don’t think we are! This is the 14th place we’ve lived in in 6 years, the 5th city, the 3rd state. I guess you could say we are nomadic by nature – we’ve always said that if the Lord told us to move we’d sell everything we have and move in a heartbeat. I believe this is something that Gabriel and I set at the very foundation of our relationship. We never get too comfortable, we never hold onto ‘stuff’ (or places, or people) very tightly and we are always willing to sell it all and go. Of course we know that there will come a day when we might ‘settle down’…maaaaybe when our kids start school but then again, ya never know!

I basically describe our life as crazy, you never know what is coming next and we like it that way (most of the time). So Gabriel just got back this week from Springfield, we are headed to Houston for the weekend and then next week Gabriel will be headed to St. Louis. I know it’s gonna be a pretty exhausting few weeks (and has been) but I wouldn’t change our family for the world…never too settled…always up for adventure.

*inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog

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