project 52: week twelve

family is…celebrating milestones

project 52: week twelve. family is...celebrating milestones

well, I’m a little late on this post which was supposed to be posted on Friday but you’ll forgive me, right? Lots of things happened last week. My allergies kicked in, I had some blood drawn for a dr’s appointment, my lens was delivered to the wrong house, my son was on Spring Break and we had a broken dryer! All of this left me feeling pretty run down last week – and with no lens I wasn’t able to post a pic.

We decided to end the crazy week on a good note and invited one of Gracen’s little friends over for a sleepover. Well, actually chuck-e-cheese and a sleepover! This was exciting because this was both boys first little sleepover and they were so excited! We actually weren’t sure if they would succesfully fall asleep in the same room but we kept them up kind of late and after a story, they were out!

We have entered a new stage with Gracen almost turning 5, he’s growing so fast now and celebrating all these ‘firsts’ are quickly passing us by. I was joking with a friend today that it’s getting so hard to talk about him now because he catches on to everything we’re saying (and usually repeats it back to us at the most inopportune times!). I do have to say that celebrating the little things is definitely not my strong suit but as our kids grow I really want to get better at keeping track of all these little milestones.

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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