project 52: week twenty one

family is…accepting what you cannot control

project 52: week twenty one - family is...accepting what you cannot control. englexas lifestyle photography blog
There are many situations you will face in life where you simply will not have control. In these situations its important to stay calm and trust that all will work out for the best in the end. Worrying over not having control just causes more stress and anxiety and fear that robs you of your happiness.

Today is my 2nd due date. I talked here a little bit about me trying to be patient with this whole process already, and of course the patience still needs to continue! I never thought I would make it to my due date because I really thought my first due date (the 14th) was the correct date and I was measuring a week early and both my kids were 10 days and 7 days early. But here I still am! Things are moving along though so there is hope. My husband and midwife have been an amazing support. Gabriel is literally waiting on me hand and foot and keeps reminding me to stay relaxed and my midwife keeps reminding me that having stop/start labor is a very common occurrence with 3rd babies. I’ve been having contractions pretty much every evening for a few hours for the last 4 nights and we are seeing signs that he is coming soon, just not quite yet. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy the time I have with my two little ones and that he will be here when he is ready. I am pretty much constantly being asked if I’m still pregnant via facebook, text and instagram. I know that it’s because everyone is just so excited to see our little addition I’m just the type of person that hates being watched and waited on so I’m feeling the pressure of all of that, it makes me want to run away and hide! I get kind of hermit-y sometimes which I think is part of my personalty type, so if you are my friend and feeling a little ignored I am sorry!

I promise I’ll post pictures of our little one as soon as he arrives and I’m sure I’ll have an exciting birth story to share also I’ve been working on a post of my tips for natural childbirth coming up soon too!

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