project 52: week twenty three

family is…adjusting

project 52: week twenty three - family is...adjusting
I know that I’m a week behind…hopefully I’ll be able to post an extra pic this week so that I can catch back up. We are still adjusting to life with 3 kids 4 and under and it definitely is a big adjustment. I have realized these past two weeks that life isn’t going to go back to ‘normal’ and that it’s up to us to figure out our new normal. I can’t be expected to accomplish the things that I did when I had only two children and so some of the things that I used to do have fallen off quite a bit. Something I’m pretty proud of is that I’ve been giving myself grace in these areas. I thought that I would be harder on myself about the things that aren’t getting done and it has definitely caused me a lot less stress just to let things go. That is my biggest advice for mamas with little children and new babies. Give yourself grace and don’t stress yourself out!

oh…and don’t mind the dirty kiddo feet…this is real life folks ;)

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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