project 52: week two

I decided to take a leaf out of styleberry blog‘s book and have a more specific focus to each week, I already have a fun project planned when this is all complete that I will share with you all soon.

I have decided that the ‘theme’ of my project 52 is going to be “family is…” and each week my image will reflect a different aspect of our family. I have updated my week one here

family is…a unit

I tried to search for a different word to describe this week but no other word fully conveyed what I was feeling this week…

We are waiting for daddy to get back today :)

He has been out of town this whole week and we have just been off. I’ve been cranky and easily frustrated, the kids have been whiny…I’m not really sure which comes first (chicken or egg anyone?!) But needless to say as hard as I’ve worked to make this week ‘normal’ we miss our papa and it won’t be the same until he’s home.

“We are us, because we are together”

These next few months will involve a lot of traveling for Gabriel, he is working SO hard for the business he started (and for us) and it’s just not the same without him. And so, we are a unit “one of a number of identical or similar parts within a whole”* and this week we’ve been missing a part of us.

It’s crazy how in an instant you go from being a couple to being a family. And in that instant, everything changes. Instantly we cannot be apart without feeling it deep inside. Instantly no one can make you more happy, or more mad! Instantly you are willing to give up everything you ever thought you needed or wanted. And instantly your heart opens up more wide than you ever knew possible. I’m excited for this new year and for our heart to be opened up even wider for our new little arrival.

* definition

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