project 52: weeks twenty seven and eight

people are…imperfect

Normally my posts start family is… but I wanted to write about something a little different this week. Something that has been in all my conversations with my closest girl-friends recently. Something that I think it’s important for my family to learn about everyone.

project 52: weeks twenty seven and eight - people are...imperfect
project 52: weeks twenty seven and eight - people are...imperfect
I thought these two pictures would be a perfect side by side of my life right now. I’ve seen lots of people recently talking about how bloggers present themselves as perfect on their blogs, criticism about these ‘perfect women’ who only show all their perfect crafts and perfectly decorated houses and perfectly put together outfits and perfectly behaved children who make all us normal moms feel bad about ourselves. It’s sad isn’t it? What is it about moms (well, women in general really) that we feel the need to always size ourselves up to other women? I had a conversation with a good friend of mine once who told me that she constantly battles with this when she walks into a room of women…thinking “she’s skinnier than me, I’m a better mom than her, she’s prettier, they have more money” almost ranking herself in the sea of women. And don’t we all do that? Try to figure out where we stand in the line up of women? I think that’s why we constantly try to define ourselves by what we do.

“I’m a homeschool mom” “I’m a cloth diaperer” “I’m a photographer” “I’m a crafter”
“I’m a foodie” “I’m a fashion blogger” “I’m a whimsy loving vintage thrifter”

It has created two basic categories of women…those who are always perfect all the time and those who constantly complain about how crappy everything and everyone is…and they both can’t stand each other.

But when it all comes down to it we are all imperfect, we all spend some days sitting in our pajamas with our hair in a bun, our kids screaming for our attention in the other room while you try and sit them in front of a movie to get just a minute of alone time and maybe, just maybe a shower! We all leave our clothes on our bedroom floor and spend too much time on facebook and yell at our kids and sometimes cuss in our heads (or out loud!). The beauty of admitting that we are not perfect is that we can share with each other not only our successes, but our failures. We can help each other in the areas that we fail, we can all grow and learn together and not feel like we have to have it all figured out all of the time. Doesn’t that just sound like it would take a weight off your shoulders? like you could just breath for a second?

All women want friendships like this, all women want to be accepted for their flaws and their failures so why don’t we just give that gift to each other?

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//inspiration for project 52 came from styleberry blog//

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