saying goodbye…

we are almost approaching our move to the Chicago area, which means these next few days will be full of lasts. Last visit from Emme*, last Sunday at church, last time seeing friends, last time sleeping in this bed, last time driving an hour to hang out with friends (well, that I’m excited about!)…last, last, last.

No matter how ready you are to move from a place there is always a sting that comes from letting go of the familiar. I’m not new to this whole moving thing, we’ve done it once or twice (or thirteen! fourteen!) times before.

I’ve learned that people will respond to you in one of two ways…1) they will savor every last moment with you, want to spend time with you and soak everything in that they can before you are separated or 2) they will keep you at arms length, push you away and avoid you so that you leaving doesn’t hurt them too much (which doesn’t ever work out the way they think). My advice to everyone who has people moving out of their life is to not do the latter…moving is a lonely thing and it is so much easier when you are sent off with the people you love encouraging you along the way. It has been a bittersweet last few weeks for us. I’m so thankful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with friends and sad that I’m leaving a place when I am *finally just starting to get comfortable (oh, the life of an introvert!).

A wise man recently said “There’s never enough time. Relationships never get as perfected as we’d like but we are always thankful for the time that we do have. I’m thankful for the stuff we did do, those are great memories in my keepsake box.”…it is so true. You always wish that you had spent more time with the people you love when they leave, so take advantage of the time you have with them now.

To all our friends here, we love you and are so glad we got to spend the last 3 years with you!

The beautiful thing about lasts is that “lasts” mean that “firsts” are coming…

*our kids’ name for my husbands mom

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